Xinxiang City Tongyong Motor Co., Ltd.  (the original Xinxiang Tong Yong Electrical motor   factory )lies in the industrial park of Xinxiang City.   Our company has professionally manufactured  all kinds of  vibrating motors  for many years.  It's  a new-type shareholding system company which combines several decades of manufacturing experience and modern technology together.The company has gathered many talents with professional knowledge while developing constantly. Among them there are 5senior engineers and more than 20 people who have a title of intermediate professional post. We totally use the Electronic Data Processing in the development and design of products, The scheme procedure of all electrical machinery adopts CAD and CAM. Our Company has perfect detection means and various kinds of s...... MORE>>

The company has five senior, intermediate grade, more than 10 names. The introduction of product development and design of the full realization of computerization, all motor programs are used CAD, CAM-aided design, to ensure that the advanced nature of the motor design

In the manufacturing process, the company has advanced vacuum impregnation and drying equipment, CNC lathes, vibration test equipment, such as Taiwan hundred sets

Company's products by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision successive sampling products fully qualified, and the first in the industry through the ISO9000: 2000 three C certification, awarded honorary certificates

According to the electromagnetic calculations and structural design, fully taking into account the characteristics of the vibration motor, optimized design, the stable performance, safety and reliability

Our company can according to the different needs of customers, design their own production to meet the various needs of users of products

The operating principle: technology-leading quality and efficient customer first good faith compliance. The company invites all vibrating equipment design and selection of the industry leading academicians, visit the company guidance

Professional customer service to provide you with the perfect after-sales service and technical guidance, you can always call our customer service phone info!

With professional quality and technical service for you every product of our are strictly controlled

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